Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: January 18-24

Happy Friday! It’s been a week – from Blue Monday to US President Joe Biden being sworn into office, and ending off the work week with a brand-new provincial campaign urging folks to stay home! I think it’s only appropriate to focus on what we can do to stop the spread – and it’s as simple as: don’t leave your house unless it’s an essential trip! If you need some stay-home inspiration, I’ve got you covered! 


Image Credit: We Are The Champions, Netflix

I finally wrapped up my Twin Peaks re-watch! I definitely picked up on some more subtle details and I understand it more than the first time… which says a lot! Now for something completely different I started a new show called We Are the Champions, a competition show that focuses on some bizarre sports and talents. So far, I’ve checked out two episodes. The first one I watched was the chili eating episode which I thought was going to involve the scarfing down of the warm winter comfort dish of chili, but I was wrong. It’s all about the art of eating hot peppers quickly and without tapping out. The second episode I checked out was all about competitive dog dancing – you read that right. I couldn’t look away, even though I didn’t know what I was watching… fascinating stuff. It doesn’t end there – you can enjoy the competitive world of cheese rolling and fantasy hairstyling, too. Check it out on Netflix 


Although it dropped on Christmas Day, I cannot stop listening to SZA’s Good Days.It’s got a hopeful, honest vibe that reflects these strange pandemic times. “Good Days” has a dream pop, soul and R&B sound to it and it’s left me urgently awaiting her future album to come out! SZA has said her second full-length feature should drop sometime this year – I just hope it lands in the early months of 2021! 


After obsessing over Big Little Lies, I’ve been reading Lianne Moriarty’s Truly Madly Guilty which follows the mysterious plot of six adults who attend a barbecue that they all regret attending. But why that is, well, you’ll have to find out! The story jumps in time, moving between the present and the days leading up to, and including, the barbecue. I’m nearly done the book – it’s been captivating and quite easy to read.  

[Spending Time] 

I was happy to take part in some virtual trivia last weekend! And I learned how easy it is to host your own trivia night. There’s a popular app called Kahoot! that many teachers use in their virtual teaching. But it’s also become a tool for friends and family to gather and rise to the challenge of answering trivia questions as quickly and correctly as possible. If you’ve ever played Time Play at the movie theatre, it’s exactly the same idea. The app has a free version which allows you to put together multiple-choice questions, which is pretty perfect. The paid version gives you more options like fill in the blanks and polls.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below.  

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