Ludacris Becomes Recent Victim To Car Theft In Atlanta

Southern Hip-Hop veteran Ludacris recently experienced car theft in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, USA! The multi-Grammy award winner pulled over his car and went to use an ATM on the evening of January 25th, 2021 and while taking care of his business at the ATM, he heard his black Mercedes-Benz speeding off. Ludacris quickly got the attention of nearby police in order to track down the suspect and after the incident took place, his vehicle was found in downtown Atlanta shortly after.

The worst part about all of this is that Ludacris left his car running the whole time, obviously not anticipating that somebody would hop in and take it for a spin. Atlanta police have said that in the first week of January this year, 99 cars were reported stolen in Atlanta and of those, 76 had the keys inside of them or were left running. Thankfully the luxurious Mercedes-Benz was returned to the 43-year-old rapper safe and sound.

Have you left your car running un-attended while doing a small errand? What was the outcome?

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