How to celebrate Valentine’s Day from home in Ottawa

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Have you thought about what you’re going to do to celebrate? Don’t worry – there’s no wait list for reservations to worry about this year and you can take advantage of your home’s space to create your ideal date night. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got you covered!  

Get dressed up 

Besides half-dressing for Zoom meetings, there’s not really a lot in the way of special occasions these days that call for a fashion moment. Get out your best threads and spend some time doing hair and makeup if you feel like it. You could even recreate your first date by wearing the same outfit! Bonus: you can get a cute couple photo out of it, too! 

Spoil each other with a unique gift 

Ottawa is absolutely full of great gift shops that support local artists. Not sure where to start? You can find nice wares from Maker House, support Indigenous artists and makers at Beaded Dreams or find a unique gift from boogie + birdie. All of these businesses offer the option to order online or opt for curbside pickup.  

Take in a romantic movie or series 

It’s not hard to find classic romances or rom-coms by way of streaming services. The beloved Netflix franchise, To All the Boys is releasing the third installment on February 12, just in time for the most romantic day of the year. There’s also the option to spend the day bingeing fan favourite, Bridgerton, which is as much romance as it is gossip 

Order in from a favourite spot 

Why not relive your first date or a special memory by ordering in from a local restaurant? Some restaurants have a Valentine’s Day menu planned, like North and Navy, an Italian spot with four courses ready to take home. You could also order in Dreamland Café, which sends you their handmade pasta dishes in cute little takeout containers. Red Apron has delicious dinner-for-two romantic meals that they’ll deliver the night before and you can reheat on Valentine’s Day – so it kinda feels like you did the heavy lifting? 

Get front row seats to a concert from your couch 

Nothing opens up the heart more than your favourite artist performing deep and meaningful songs. Youtube is full of concert footage across all genres. But if you want to take it up a notch, country folk artist, Don Amero is looking to lift spirits this Valentine’s Day. He’s going live for A Date with Don along with Noah Derksen and Rhianna Rae Saj. And here’s the best part – it’s interactive so he’ll be able to see you – like, a real date with Don! Get your tickets for the show here. It starts at 8PM on Valentines Day 

Enjoy some sweet treats 

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the chocolate and candy! Keep it classic with conversation hearts or heart-shaped chocolates, or opt for something cute and local. Little Jo Berrys in Westboro is always coming up with new themed snacks and this holiday is no exception. They have heart-shaped cake, heart-shaped shortbread and conversation heart donuts on offer. Order yours here. 

Get lost in your favourite board games 

Any excuse to play board games is a good excuse! Why not have a little healthy competition on this romantic holiday? We have a full list of board games ideal for small groups. Check it out here. 

Cook together 

There’s something sweet about preparing a meal together, and since we’ve got nowhere to be, there’s no rush. It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time and maybe test out a new recipe. Maybe you could try air fryer salmon or classic steaks on the barbecue. It’s also the perfect time to slow cook something – like a flavourful soup or delicious pulled pork. Why not find one ingredient you each really like and try to combine them into a homemade meal?  

Enjoy an at-home spa  

Who could say no to relaxing? It’s pretty easy to pull of an at-home spa. Just pick up some face masks, maybe a couple candles and some fragrant massage oils. If you really want to go all out, foot spas are a nice touch, too!  

Grow something together…out of love 

To say indoor planthave been a pandemic trend would be an understatement. And why not hop on this with your partner? Ottawa has plenty of local plant shops with gorgeous greenery you can take home and nurture, like Plant & Curio and Bloomfields. It can be a metaphor for your love – just like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey’s love fern in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

Enjoy all of the above with an indoor fort 

Nothing says love like building a fort together! It will make cozying up all the easier with pillows and blankets galore and snacks not too far out of reach. You can decorate it with fairy lights and play some soothing, sensual jams to really set the mood!  

Those are just some of our romantic ideas! What are you doing to get creative this Valentine’s Day? Drop a comment below! 


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