Mattmac and Desiree Dorion to perform at sākihiwē festival as part of Safe at Home Manitoba

sākihiwē festival has joined the Safe at Home Manitoba movement by showcasing Indigenous artists based throughout the province. The artists will perform a four-song set and give you a glimpse into their local community, too. Country folk artist, Desiree Dorion and hip hop artist, Mattmac will hit the online stage in February and March, respectively. Each episode, which is between 30-45 minutes, will air on Youtube and Facebook Thursdays at 1PM EST beginning February 11th 

Check out the full schedule: 

  • February 11: Nikki KomaksiutiksakChasity Swan, Caramello Swan 
  • February 18: Desiree Dorion  
  • February 25: The C-weed Band  
  • March 4: Rhonda Head 
  • March 11: Billy Simard 
  • March 18: Patti Kusturok  
  • March 25:  Mattmac   

Learn more here. 

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