Adrian Sutherland releases upbeat indie rock solo tune, Respect the Gift

Adrian Sutherland reminds you to Respect the Gift in his upbeat second solo single following the release of four albums with his band, Midnight Shine. Sutherland says the new tune “is about using our ‘gifts’ for good, and not taking for granted the everyday freedoms and luxuries we have. There’s never been a more important time to appreciate all that we find precious, especially given the world we’re living in today.”  

The dance-y indie rock tune was written by Sutherland and his brothers, Chris and Matt Gormley. It’s a good reminder to look within at one’s special skills and talents and use them to make a difference. It doesn’t hurt that it hypes you up, too! 

The music video for Respect the Gift is a celebration. It features silhouettes of dancers with moving shapes and splashes of colour as they get into the vibe. Check out the music video, directed and animated by Justin Stephenson below 


 Photo: Adrian Sutherland



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