Save it for a Rainy Day Activities to Keep You from Boredom

Following days of beautiful sunshine, a large amount of rain is here – up to 50 millimetres is expected in some parts in Ottawa. And after the winter months, you may not have been ready to stay in so soon. Not to worry – there’s so much to enjoy from the comfort of home that doesn’t involve twiddling your thumbs out of boredom. We’ve got you covered with ten “save it for a rainy-day activities.  

Play board games  

There’s nothing boring about board games! Today’s selection is well beyond Monopoly and Scrabble and offer different types of challenges and strategies for whoever your pandemic housemates are. Many are good for smaller groups, too. Check out our picks. 

Take a bubble bath 

It might be odd to suggest sitting in water to get out of the rain, but it’s hot water and it’s soothing! There’s nowhere to be, so grab your favourite bubbles or a bath bomb and a book or some music, run a bath and soak it all in.  

Have a treasure hunt 

Maybe your kids have had it up to here with staying in for a year. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn off the console or the TV and mix things up with a treasure hunt. It’s as easy as making a map, hiding clues around the house and choosing a treasure at the end of the adventure. You could gather up some knickknacks, choose a toy your kids have been wanting or even offer up some sweet, sweet dollars! Whatever it is, it will be a day well spent.  

Cuddle up with a book 

I know, it sounds pretty standard. But when’s the last time you gave yourself an hour or two to just read and nothing more? You can find deep connections, learn new things and get lost in the power of story. Need some recommendations? The NAC Indigenous Theatre and Ottawa Public Library’s Indigenous Book Club is a great place to start. 

Cook or bake together 

When there’s nowhere to be, you can dive into some slow cooker recipes or bake up a storm. Maybe you can opt for something new or challenge yourself by only using ingredients you already have. Who knows? You might add a new staple to your recipe box! 

Have your own mini film festival at home 

There’s no shortage of movies to watch. Perhaps you’ve got a dusty DVD or Blu-Ray collection that could use a little love. Why not revisit those movies you loved so much, you decided to buy? Otherwise, this year’s Oscar nominees bring a lot of great options and most of them are available to stream, too. Check out some of the most sought-after flicks of the year and how to watch them here. 

Pamper yourself 

When’s the last time you did a face mask, soaked your feet or did your hair or nails? Sit back, relax and enjoy a mini-spa day.  

Have a tea party 

A nice cup of tea on a rainy day is such a pick-me-up. It’s never a bad idea to bring out your favourite teacups and saucers and make a stay home event of it. You could even get dressed up if you wanted to! It wouldn’t hurt to throw some baked goods into the mix, too.  

Build a fort  

It’s time to raid the linen closet – get all the sheets, blankets and pillows you can find and build a fort inside. It could make the perfect spot for your movie watching, reading or board game-playing, too. 

Do your taxes 

Okay, so not exactly a fun thing to do, but necessary. The filing due date for 2020’s tax season in Canada is April 30, 2021. If you or your partner are self-employed, the date is June 15, 2020. You’ll also want to be aware of new credits and deductions that have come along with the pandemic when you go to file. Check out all the details here. 

What’s your favourite rainy day activity? Let us know below! 


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