Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: March 22-28

What’s up? The snow piles are nearly melted and, between daylight savings and warm temperatures, I’m living! Despite the warmer days, we have to keep it real. There have been some upward trends of COVID-19 in the capital, so maybe you want a reason to stay in and keep safe. I’ve got some ideas for how to pass the time below. 


Just to keep things light and fun, I binge-watched the very haunting and dark Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer doc. The show looks at the brutal murders and sexual assaults one man committed in a year in California. It was extremely disheartening to know what a human being could do, but many believed he was evil. I will say, it’s hard to watch, but you might find you connect with the two detectives who were on the case and their personal stories as they obsessively hunted for this evil man. It’s a four episode exclusive on Netflix. 


This weekend, Shigawake Festival goes live virtually. Check out Inuk folk pop artist Elisapie, Oji-Cree trap artist, Anachnid, indie artists, The Barr Brothers and more on March 26 and 27. There’s more info here on how to attend.   


After watching Call Me Human, which is a beautiful film all about Innu elder and poet Joséphine Bacon’s life and works, at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, I was drawn to the featured work, Message Sticks or Tshissinuatshitakana in Innu-aimun. I’ve been reading these poems, which are written in both Innu-aimun and English, throughout the weekJoséphine has a way with words like no other. I would highly recommend it. I was also quite stoked to hear Joséphine Bacon is being featured at the National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre and the Ottawa Public Library’s Indigenous Book Club this month. The featured work is Uiesh = Quelque part.  

[Spending Time] 

It’s been a whole lot of dog training over here. I picked up a training bell that Müna can ring when she wants to go outside. We’re starting small with treat rewards and moving up to the bathroom breaks. It feels like I’m back in Psychology 100, but it seems to be working!  

What’s been part of your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below! 

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