Hot take – Thunder Force is Amazing and Underrated!

Melissa McCarthy is brilliant. Ben Falcone is amazing at writing. I don’t care that the jokes are campy. I think Jason Bateman is delightful in these movies, even if he is a crab that shuffles sideways when leaving a scene and I can overlook the ridiculous storytelling since the writing is nothing worse than what Marvel throws at us.

Basic concept of this movie reads closer to a comic book than many people give credit.

Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) reunites with her childhood friend Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) and through some ridiculous whoopsie, Lydia ends up getting the superhero skills that Emily had planned for herself.

All in an attempt to fight the world full of supervillians that are led by The King (Bobby Cannavale)

Pretty standard stuff right?

Even for a goofy, brainless comedy, there is still more storyline here than in Talladega Nights or Pixels.

Yeah…I said it.

If you are walking into this movie expecting anything more than a cheesefest that pokes fun at the superhero film franchise, you are going to be disappointed.

But isn’t that the thing missing in our society?

We are all willing to suspend disbelief while Thanos is defeated by a magician and a man in a robot suit, but the idea of a psuedo-comedy mocking that very thing is considered garbage?

Did no one watch any Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell movies?

While I understand this movie will never be mentioned in the same breath as an Oscar contender, but if Adam Sandler can assault us with Hubie Halloween styled movies for the past 7 years, I am sure we can all take a break from the world, as it is, for a Melissa McCarthy movie.

Enjoy Thunder Force.

Just leave your brain off for a few minutes though…it might help.

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