Rutherford Falls Premiers Tonight on Showcase

Two lifelong friends, Nathan Ruderford (Ed Helms) and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), find themselves at literal crossroads when Rutherford fights against the moving of a historical statue, giving their sleepy town an unexpected wakeup call. Without giving too much away, that’s the premise of the newest hit Indigenous comedy series coming to Showcase.

From co-creators and executive producers, Michael Schur (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place), Ed Helms, and Sierra Teller Ornelas (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore), the series highlights Indigenous representation both in front of and behind the camera, and features one of the largest Indigenous writing staff on American TV.

Rutherford Falls originally premiered on the streaming service Peacock earlier this month and will be premiering tonight on Showcase at 8 PM ET. You can learn more about the show here and check out the Official Trailer below.

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