Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: May 3-9

Happy Friday! It looks to be a rainy weekend ahead. What are you up to? I have some ideas to keep you busy! 


Another day, another crime doc! This week I checked out The Ripper, which follows the story of the Yorkshire Ripper, a serial killer that terrorized the UK between 1975 and 1980. Not only is the story compelling, but it offers a real look at the ego and arrogance within the police force. It really got to me, it had me shouting and clapping at certain parts. Check out the four-part mini-series on Netflix 


When I’m feeling a lot of ways, which has been the case during this stay-at-home order, I read Haruki Murakami’s, Sputnik Sweetheart. It is the story of a young teacher who searches for a girl named Sumire, who he never confessed his love to years before, after she goes missing in Greece. It’s a surreal tale with stunning imagery, albeit quite sad. It’s a favourite of mine.   


Billie Eilish dropped a new single called “Your Power” last week and it is everything! The song is a bit of a departure from her usual arrangements, with an acoustic melody threaded through it. The message is very blatantly about abusers who take advantage of underage women, making it a poignant topic in 2021. It’s the first tune off her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, which is out July 30th 

[Spending Time] 

I learned that garden centres are considered essential, so I made a stop there recently. I picked up some potted plants and soil to add some colour to my patio garden. I’m excited to keep it going this summer! 

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below. 

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