Parent Translator – What does “Cheugy” Mean?

You may have seen this word floating around?
Especially if your kids have been on TikTok, you may have even been referred to as “Cheugy”

So, what does it mean then?


The word, applied mostly to millennials, is pronounced chew-gee.
If you were to use it in a sentence, you would say –

“Man, your dad is cheugy” or “That TikTok dance is super cheugy”

So What Does It Mean Then?

Well, and this might hurt a bit…but it means “behind in trends”.
Generally used to describe millennials, the term is a mild insult.
Now before you decide that new words from kids are dumb…remember the 80’s had gems such as “rad”, the 90’s had words like “bling”.  Worst of all the 2000’s blessed us all with “cool beans”.

Cheugy doesn’t sound so bad now.

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