Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: May 17-23

Happy long weekend! What have you got planned? The weather is looking mostly good, but quite warm. It’s perfect to get the gardens going, which has been super helpful for my mental health this year. Besides that, there’s a lot you can get up to this weekend from the safety of home. Check it out.  


Cody Coyote has a brand new single out Friday, May 21 called “Revolution”! All we know so far is it tackles how to be a better ally to BIPOC folks. The short clip he posted sounds like a classic hip hop vibe that you won’t want to miss. Stream it this weekend.  


I decided to dive back into an old favourite of mine, Shameless (US). I’m not sure why I stopped watching in the first place. It could be the utter chaos that every episode seems to have brewing. But after a couple years of letting it sit, I’m watching season seven for the first time. It’s as wild as ever and it’s on Netflix!  


I recently re-read Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. It’s all about Alison’s upbringing and her relationship with her father, who runs the town funeral home. It deals with identity and finding yourself where you least expect it. This was a spectacular read that hit on all my emotions.  

[Spending Time] 

This weekend, support your favourite Indigenous artists, including Twin Flames, Shawnee Kish and Amanda Rheaume, who are set to perform at the Tkaronto Music Festival. If hip hop is your thing, the very first International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards kick off this weekend, with Snotty Nose Rez Kids, DJ Shub and ELMNT’s host of The Beat, Cody Coyote up for awards.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club? Drop a comment below. 

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