How to Stay Cool in the Ottawa Heat

Another heat wave is upon us! If you’re struggling with the heat, we’ve got lots of tips and tricks for you to stay cool, even without an air conditioner. 

  • Head to one of Ottawa’s cooling centres.

Jay put together a list. Check it out here.

  • Stay hydrated 

It may seem simple but drinking your daily eight cups of water will help you stay hydrated and balance out the amount of sweating that goes on during a heat wave. Even if you don’t feel de-hydrated, keep drinking water to stay safe. 

  • Go for a swim 

If you have access to a pool, go for a swim or four. It will cool you down and make this heat wave manageable. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!  

  • Create a cross breeze 

If you have a fan or two at home, set them up strategically so the breeze blows through your home in places you spend your most time. The more of a breeze you can get, the cooler you will feel because the air will help the sweat evaporate from your skin. 

  • Take a cool shower or bath 

Keep it cold with a cool shower or bath. If you don’t have access to a swimming pool, this is just about the closest you can get! Fill a bath with cool water and relax for a little while. 

  • Keep cool items in your fridge and freezer 

Making space for wet face cloths or ice packs in your fridge and freezer will provide even more relief in this heat. 

  • Use peppermint-based products 

For an extra refreshing sensation, use soaps, face masks and body wash with peppermint. It’s a cooling agent and it smells great too. 

  • Eat ice cream 

That’s right – ice cream! If that isn’t your jam, enjoy some frozen treats like slushies, smoothies or popsicles. Many of these can be easily made at home with a blender or some popsicle molds.   

And although it won’t keep you cool per say, keep your sunscreen handy. There’s nothing like healing from a sunburn in a heatwave.   

What have you been doing to stay cool? Let us know your tips for staying cool in this heat!  

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