Indigenous Tourism Ontario Launches FEAST Initiative

Who doesn’t love food? It brings us together and allows us to share experiences with friends, family, and even strangers. Indigenous Tourism Ontario has launched a new strategy in hopes of advancing Ontario’s Indigenous food tourism sector. The strategy is set to be executed over a five-year period, after having been in development for the past two years. 


FEAST: Growing Indigenous Food Tourism in Ontario, was officially unveiled on August 10. Indigenous Tourism Ontario hopes that the initiative can help create a space for Indigenous peoples to tell their stories. 


In a news release, Indigenous Tourism Ontario’s president and CEO Kevin Eshkawkogan said that “As Indigenous people of these lands, we’ve been hosts for hundreds of years, and initiatives like FEAST will further create space to help Indigenous people tell their story on their terms. Indigenous food supply chains are ancient, yet still exist and will exist as long as Mother Earth exists.” 


FEAST seeks to raise awareness of Indigenous food tourism, and use that awareness to support Indigenous food sovereignty. Indigenous Tourism Ontario also considers the FEAST initiative an act of reconciliation, as it is intended to support Indigenous-owned businesses and help develop Indigenous communities. 


For more information on Indigenous Tourism Ontario’s FEAST initiative, click here


Image Credit: Ontario Culinary

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