Federal Election Ends In Liberal Minority Government

Justin Trudeau will stay on as Prime Minister of Canada, as the Liberals maintain a minority government.

Over the past couple of weeks, Canadians turned out in order to take part in a snap federal election called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. For Trudeau, the hope was that he could flip his minority government into a majority one.

Despite an increase in mail-in voting, it didn’t take long for results to start flowing in on Monday night. By 11 pm EST on Monday night, several news outlets had already begun projecting that Trudeau would maintain a Liberal minority government.

Justin Trudeau ran his re-election campaign on several key promises, including pledging $18 billion over the next five years in order to improve quality of life and create new opportunities in Indigenous communities. He had also promised to address root causes that are related to missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women.

Due to the continued minority status of Justin Trudeau‘s administration, he is expected to keep reaching out to other party leaders for assistance in moving legislation through the House of Commons. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has already acknowledged that he is willing to co-operate with Justin Trudeau, as long as his party continues to be heard. In a news conference on Tuesday morning, Singh noted that “If it’s something that’s going to help people out, make people’s lives better, we’ll not hesitate to provide support to get things done, and he knows my priorities.” For more from Singh’s press conference, click here.

While the final cost of this election is currently unknown, Elections Canada released a report in August that stated it could cost as much as $610 million, which would make it the most expensive election in Canadian history. For more on that report, click here.

For more on how this election affected the Ottawa area, click here.


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