Indigenous Tourism Ontario Presents: A Three Fires Collaborative Quest

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario is collaborating with Indigenous Tourism Ontario and the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation for A Three Fires Collaborative Quest. This is a program that was designed to fill in critical gaps within the industry and encourage the recovery and growth of Ontario’s tourism workforce. It will do so by bringing awareness of opportunities to potential Indigenous employees. This program is executed in three stages, hence the name. Each stage will be managed by a respective partner.

The first fire is currently underway, and this phase consists of Indigenous tourism businesses that will receive one on one coaching and support from the Indigenous Business Advisory (IBA) Program, designed to assist them in preparing them to become market-ready for reopening. The content delivered to participants will address areas of a tourism operation required to sustain a business and be successful. These market-ready standards have been tailored specifically for the Indigenous Tourism industry.

The second fire will take place at the end of Fall 2021 and will be organized by the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation. OTEC will deliver workshops that provide frontline training for 100+ Indigenous Tourism employees along with specified individuals that have been identified through the Indigenous Business Advisory.

The final fire will occur in Winter 2021 and is an employee-to-employer matching event designed to connect the dots with the other two fires. This will be executed by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. This helps Indigenous tourism employees to find employers, and vice versa, help tourism businesses find employees.

In order to be eligible for this program, you must self-identify as Indigenous. Visit the website for more details on how to register as a potential employee, or to register as an employer. This is a great program that hopefully, you choose to take part in!

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