Five Indigenous-Owned Local Businesses You Should Support Next Time You Shop

It’s always encouraged to shop local when you can, especially in recent times when small businesses need all the support they can get. But what’s better than supporting local businesses? Supporting Indigenous owned businesses in your community. Here’s a list of five great ones in the Ottawa/Gatineau area you should check out next time you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else.


Second Aura

Second Aura is a fine jewelry company based in Ottawa. They are passionate about supporting many Indigenous organizations with their “Pieces with Purpose” collections. You can check out their collections and shop online here.


DeliaEstelle Designs

DeliaEstelle Designs is a beadwork jewelry shop based in Ottawa. The owner, Stephanie Peltier, was inspired by her two grandmothers’ creativity and hard work and DeliaEstelle Designs was named after them. They also sell beading kits for beginners to teach the art of Indigenous beadwork. You can check out their website here.


Birch Bark Coffee Co.

Birch Bark Coffee Co. is an Ottawa-based company that offers organic, Fair Trade coffee that is grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants. They offer six different blends of coffee that you can find on their website or in-store at retailers across Ontario, including several stores in Ottawa. You can check out their website and find a full list of retailers here.


Beaded Dreams

Beaded Dreams is a family-run shop located at 426 Bank Street. They sell everything from jewelry to moccasins, dreamcatchers, art, and so much more. Their mission is to support indigenous artists and to keep this beautiful culture alive. You can visit them in-store or shop online here.


Mini Tipi

Mini Tipi is a Gatineau-based company that collaborates with Indigenous artists to create items like blankets, shawls, mittens, bags, as well as many items for babies and kids. You can find their products in many stores across Canada, including several in Ottawa. You can also shop their online store here.

Image Credits: Second Aura, DeliaEstelle Designs, Birch Bark Coffee Company, Beaded Dreams, Mini Tipi

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  1. I’m in stittsville, near ottawa. Is there an Indigenous business in my area that sells orange day shirts for women?
    They seem to be selling them at Walmart, but…

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