U.S. Opening Land Borders To Fully Vaccinated Canadians In November

After more than 18 months, fully vaccinated Canadians will soon be able to more easily visit our neighbours to the south once again. While details are still being worked out, Senior U.S. officials have confirmed that they will be opening land and ferry border crossings with Canada and Mexico sometime in early November.

Land and ferry borders have been closed to non-essential travel since March 2020, when lockdown measures began being put in place.

Officials still need to confirm what documentation Canadians will need to show at border crossings. They are also awaiting guidance from the Centre For Disease Control (CDC) on how to handle visitors who have mixed vaccine doses, as well as visitors who have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine. While the Astra Zeneca vaccine has yet to be approved in the United States, it is expected that the CDC will allow visitors who have had any of the World Health Organization-approved vaccines to cross the border. This would include Astra Zeneca.

While restrictions are beginning to ease, U.S. officials are still urging caution when it comes to making non-essential visits.

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