A new organization is striving to make Halloween as accessible as possible

Halloween is just around the corner, but trick-or-treating can have many barriers to access. That’s why a new organization called Treat Accessibly began, to make the holiday more accessible.

Founder Rich Padulo realized his trick-or-treat setup wasn’t accessible to a child in his neighbourhood who uses a wheelchair. After surveying his neighbourhood, he realized many homes had stairs leading to their front doors.

Rich decided to move everything from the front door to the driveway to create a barrier-free experience for all. As well, he recommended clearing a safe, well-lit path for children to access treats. He also suggested eliminating things like strobe lights or playing music with loud and sudden high-pitched sounds. If you have pets, they should stay inside as well.

Beyond offering tips and ideas to make the trick-or-treating experience accessible, Treat Accessibly also offers a free printout you can put in front of your house to indicate access.

You can download your own sign in English here and in French here.

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