3 Essential Apps for Your Next Flight

You maybe haven’t done any air travel in, oh, two years or so, but if there are any flights in your upcoming holiday season, download these apps before you head out to help keep you one step ahead of any delays, changes, or other holiday-travel-headaches:

Your airline’s app

Air Canada, WestJet, and most major US airlines have apps that include not just your mobile boarding pass, but airport maps (lost in the wrong terminal, anyone?) and in-flight entertainment.


Flight delayed and eyeing the lovely lounges that usually you need an elite membership or credit card to access? Enter LoungeBuddy! Browse hundreds of airports and purchase a day pass to make that layover a little more bearable.


Customize your push notifications to include flight status, gate changes, delays, airborne weather and more. Check out their live “Misery Map” to see which airports and routes are currently experience the most (or least!) issues.

Travel can be stressful at the best of times. With COVID safety in place, there’s even more to keep track of! These apps will make your trip that much smoother. Safe travels!

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