Ed Sheeran Is Putting On A Virtual Performance In Pokémon GO

Are you looking to take a break from all of the raids and research tasks in Pokémon GO? Soon, you’ll be able to stop what you’re doing and get serenaded by none other than Ed Sheeran.

Developer Niantic announced on Thursday that they have developed a collaboration with the “Bad Habits” singer. Starting on November 22nd at 2 PM ET, players will be able to witness a special virtual performance from Sheeran. He’ll be playing a number of songs from his latest album, = (pronounced Equals). Players will be able to view the performance by going to the News section on their app.

Niantic has also detailed other plans for this event. Over the course of the event, players will be more likely to encounter a number of Water-type Pokémon, as well as special Squirtle that will be wearing sunglasses. This is because Sheeran always chooses Water-types for his starter Pokémon, according to Niantic. Players will also be able to get a sweatshirt for their avatar based on Sheeran‘s latest album, and his latest single, “Overpass Graffiti” will play in-game at night.

Ed Sheeran‘s Pokémon GO event is set to start on November 22nd at 2 PM ET, and run until November 30th.

Image Credit: Niantic


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