Yo’eme artist, PJ Vegas to perform at LA Clippers game

Yo’eme singer-songwriter and rapper, PJ Vegas will speak and perform at a Los Angeles Clippers game in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. PJ Vegas will open up The Clippers’ Native American Cultural Night by singing the national anthem and performing. The night also includes performances from Indigenous artists, Doc Native Music and Spencer Battiest.

“It is an honour to team up with the Clippers. Being a part of this night gives more visibility to Indigenous culture and art and the people behind it. Ultimately, behind the music and art are the stories of our people and the history of these lands. Slowly, we are seeing more Black, Indigenous and people of colour being highlighted in sports, music and media and I’m so grateful that the incredible team at the Clippers is taking part in this beautiful wave of representation that’s happening across North America”

– PJ Vegas

The Clippers face off against the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Centre on November 23, 2021. Check it out at 10:30 PM.

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