Here’s how you can gather for the holidays in Ontario

The province of Ontario released the official guidelines for holiday gatherings in 2021 on November 25th.

The province’s Chief Medical Officer of HealthDr. Kieran Moore, says that the best protection against the spread of the virus this holiday season is by getting vaccinated. This could mean your first, second or third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Indoor and outdoor gathering limits were announced, as well. If you are planning to host or attend an indoor social gathering, ensure the guest list is capped at 25 people. If you are the host, make sure to jot down everyone’s contact details for contract tracing. If any unvaccinated guests are in attendance, you should wear a face mask or covering and keep your social distance.

As for outdoor gatherings, which are encouraged by the province, those cannot exceed 100 people.

In both types of gatherings, hand sanitizer and soap should be easily available to all guests.

You can read more about the holiday gathering guidelines, including rules around travelling and exchanging gifts here.


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