Assembly of Seven Generations moves Annual Round Dance event online

The Assembly of Seven Generations (A7G) invites you to come together virtually for their 5th Annual Virtual Round Dance, a group healing practice and community gathering. This year’s theme is “Honouring Our Ancestors.”  

The lineup of special guests and performers has not been announced yet. However, for the second year in a row, Harvey Dreaver will be The Stickman, or the emcee. He will lead the participants in song and dance throughout the event.

The virtual Round Dance takes place February 19th from 4:00PM-11:00PM. Tune in from A7G’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.  

Find more updates about the event here. 

A7G is a youth-focused organization based in Algonquin territory that strives to reconnect Indigenous youth with culture through events and activities.  

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