Meet Cleo and Leo!

It’s time for another edition of 95.7 Elmnt fm and the Feline Café‘s Cats of the Week! This week, meet Cleo and Leo!

These two 7-year-old darlings have been with each other their whole lives and are essentially siblings. Cleo, the smaller orange feline, is a sleepy and quiet lady. She loves snuggling on your lap and purring. She LOVES attention. She is fearful of strangers but is reassured by Leo and will open up to humans once she gets to know you.
Leo, the bigger grey feline, is a big old softy. He adores getting pets on the head and will let you know when he wants them. When he is happy, we will roll over on his back with tucked paws to show his belly (a cat’s way of saying they feel very safe with you). Leo does have special needs when it comes to his litter and he does spray outside of his box at times. Leo also has some anxiety and needs to adjust to new settings and people, but opens right up once he feels good. Their wonderful foster Max and their roommate have done an amazing job with socializing these two and helping Leo with his spraying and anxiety.
Both of these felines are very in tune with emotions and will be a great support to their human(s) when they know they are going through something tough. They also love to cuddle at bedtime.
Cleo and Leo would do best in a quiet home with no children or other pets. They have a lot of love to give and will make a great companion to a child-free couple or someone looking for a bonded pair.

If you want more information on Cleo and Leo, or you want to help this adorable pair find their forever home, you can call Feline Café at (613) 680-6369, or visit their website here.

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