INTERVIEW: Get a Kit Is Getting HIV Self-Test Kits Into The Right Hands

Get a Kit Ontario is a nurse-led study that is dedicated to getting HIV self-test kits into the hands of those who may need them most. The tests are completely free, and the goal of this initiative is to increase testing for HIV so that more people know their status. The organization recognizes that barriers preventing people from accessing testing must be lowered in order to lower infection rates in key populations such as the 2-spirit, gay, transmasculine, and bisexual communities, as well as Indigenous Folks and People of African, Caribbean, and other Black descent.

In order to receive a free self-test kit, you simply need to meet the following criteria: be 16 years or older, be HIV negative or unaware of your status, not currently enrolled in an HIV vaccine trial, and not be diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.

Ordering a kit is a simple process, and kits are available throughout Ontario and the National Capital Region. Visit, or if you live in Northern Ontario, visit Kits are available any time of day, and there is Nursing coverage from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Kits can be delivered directly to your home, to curbside pickup locations, or to your local AIDS Service Organization depending on where you live.

95.7 Elmnt fm’s Matthew Bisson had the chance to sit down with Dr. Patrick O’Byrne, lead researcher of Get A Kit Ontario to talk about the work they do, and why it’s so important for people to have access to these tests. You can listen to the full interview below.

For more information on Get a Kit Ontario, click here.

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