Meet Cleo & Leo!

95.7 Elmnt fm and the Feline Café‘s Cats of the Week is back! This week, meet Cleo & Leo!

Cleo and Leo are a sweet and affectionate 7-year-old bonded pair. They were adopted together as kittens but were surrendered into our guardianship due to becoming stressed out as their family began to grow. These two darlings are one of our longest foster cases. Despite having their application open since early spring, they have still not found the forever home they deserve.

Cleo is the smaller, slightly orange/brown tabby. She is the sleepier sibling and likes to curl up on a human’s lap and purr. Leo is the gentle giant greyish tabby. This big old softie likes to play fetch and have his head scratched. When he is really happy, he will roll on his back and tuck his paws to show you his belly. Like any siblings, they can have the odd spat and chase each other around the house, but they make up quickly.

Leo has FIC (feline Idiopathic cystitis), which is a defect in how he handles stress. A flare-up is triggered by high stress and this can result in him urinating outside the litter box but, we have vet recommendations for Leo on how to 1) keep flare-ups to a minimum and 2) keep him comfortable and happy when one occurs.  He requires special food and litter to manage his condition. 

Both are anxious kitties and will do well in a mature, quiet home where they are the only cats. Let’s help these two precious sweethearts find the forever home they deserve to live out their golden years in peace and happiness. To read more about Cleo and Leo and to find out more about FIC, visit

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