Mark Sutcliffe Will Be Ottawa’s 59th Mayor

Mark Sutcliffe will succeed Jim Watson as the next mayor of Ottawa.

Voter turnout was just under 44%, meaning that 316,000 people cast their vote on Monday. Sutcliffe, who is a newcomer to politics, won with over 51% of the votes, beating out Catherine McKenney, who got 37% of the vote. Former mayor Bob Chiarelli obtained 5% of the vote, with the remainder being split among the rest of the candidates.

Sutcliffe, who got his start as a journalist, had this to say after his victory: “I am feeling a lot of emotions right now: humility, excitement, joy, a lot of relief. But most of all, I am feeling incredible gratitude.” Sutcliffe’s main focus for his campaign was to create a safer environment throughout Ottawa, improve transportation around the city, and facilitate the inclusion of more bilingual services.

Addressing critics, Sutcliffe offered words of assurance. “…I want you to know that I have listened to your concerns and expectations throughout this campaign. I believe there is common ground for us and I promise to continue to listen. I promise I will be a mayor for all of Ottawa.”

Sutcliffe is one of the 12 new faces that will serve in Ottawa‘s City Hall.

Image Credit: Justin Tang/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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