INTERVIEW: Brittlestar on Social Media and “The Stupidpocalypse”

Stewart Reynolds, better known on the internet as Brittlestar, is an internet comedian with over 27,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over a thousand videos on social media. His new book, “Welcome to The Stupidpocalypse: Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon” was released last month, and has become the #1 Most Gifted book in Humorous Essays on Amazon Canada (as of October 12, 2023).

Shawn had the chance to talk to him about the process of writing his book, becoming a social media darling, and the three videos he recommends to anybody who is new to his channel.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Brittlestar’s Top 3* Videos for New Followers:

Explaining Canada Day To Americans

Canada Is…

Moving Target – A Love Song For Zellers

*we couldn’t find Urologist: The Movie online anymore, but Moving Target – A Love Song For Zellers is also mentioned in the interview, and if Shawn has to have it stuck in his head, so do you

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