Photo of a house with a contruction trailer filled with debris inside.

Ottawa to receive $176M in housing funds from federal government

After revealing on January 24th that the city of Ottawa signed a deal with housing minister Sean Fraser to be part of the Federal Governments four-billion-dollar housing accelerator fund, Ottawa has finally been given a budget: $176 million dollars.

Mayor of Ottawa, Mark Sutcliffe, claims that “the city worked hard to get as much money as it could from the federal government.” The City of Ottawa’s application for this funding was first approved back in July, and the council has given an updated to-do list for Ottawa to complete to receive this funding.

Kanata-Carleton MP, Jenna Sudds, is less excited than other members of council. “Business as usual will not solve the drastic housing challenges that we face today. We need systematic change to how we build housing in this country.”  

For more information on this story and other local-to-Ottawa stories, listen to the 95.7 ELMNT News Brief below. 

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