Mayor Mark Suticliffe standing in front of a podium at the CMAs of 2023. A band is behind him watching him talk.

Ottawa music industry facing “boom” of musicians according to local music coalition

The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC) is seeing more musicians joining their coalition since the pandemic provided a period of creativity to aspiring artists.

Melanie Brulée, executive director of the OMIC is encouraged to see this level of growth.

The City of Ottawa is well known for its love of music, Brulée said, and that the love has grown more intense since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This growth within Ottawa allows for the Capital Music Awards to shine a spotlight on all Ottawa musicians, which will be held this year on May 16.

To hear more about the OMIC’s mission to grow a healthy music industry in Ottawa and the Capital Music Awards, listen to the 95.7 ELMNT FM interview with Melanie Brulée. 

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