Weekly Round-up: June 5

The world stood still to fight the novel coronavirus, but this week has shown that even with life on pause, racism continues. If you posted a black square on your social media or if you are attending a rally, the real work starts next. For my fellow white people, what we do tomorrow, next week and every day after is what really counts. 

The Ottawa Public Library says you can get a temporary library card virtually to access their services. You might consider using this resource to learn about the history of systemic racism in Canada.  

And, COVID-19 offers more of a challenge to marginalized communities. Ottawa Public Health says this is manifesting itself through verbal and physical assault 

What to watch, listen to, read and eat this weekend  

Watch: If you want a brutal look at how systemic racism appears in our institutions, give Orange is the New Black a watch. Danielle Brooks gives an incredible performance with such depth and in substantial character arc throughout the show’s seven seasons. 

Listen: Sandy Hudson guest hosted this week’s episode of Shortcuts on CanadalandHudson offers some sharp and needed commentary on how the Canadian media has been covering the past few weeks. 

Read: You’ve likely already heard of Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The most heartbreaking part about this book is that was published five years following an instance of police brutality. It’s just as needed today as it was then.  

Eat: Afro Biz has a helpful list of all of the black owned restaurants in the city. You can eat some good food and literally put your money where your mouth is.  

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