The Awkward Look

Let’s face it, we may feel a little silly at times as we’re not used to wearing medical or other types of face masks.

It almost feels unnatural, but I guarantee if you go out on your next grocery shopping session you’re going to run into a lot of people with masks. Then hey, you might feel like the odd one out if you are not wearing one, right?

This week, Canada’s Top Doctor Theresa Tam said that masks can help prevent you from spreading the virus to others if you have it but aren’t exhibiting any symptoms (or like Justin Trudeau said, no one will speak “moistly” and get their germs on you either). In other words, it’s sort of a say it don’t spray it situation.

With face mask shortages, we can essentially make anything at home a face mask. This can be done even without all the sewing, because let’s face it a lot of us like myself don’t know a thing about sewing. So, it got me thinking, let’s gather together ideas for homemade face masks, and this is what I stumbled upon. Keep in mind I tried to find the simplest and least time-consuming methods!

Socks: Socks might be an odd clothing item to place over your mouth but if it’s brand-new store bought or clean, I personally think this is one of the easiest ways to make a mask as it only requires a few snips.

The Bra: I personally think we should make this the new norm, even for men to try! Not that much different than a sock, right? It’s almost like bras were made for this situation already. Although if you do have a bigger bra size just make sure it doesn’t cover your entire face.

T-shirt: Now I get it might look a little funny but for some reason I would think this would be the comfiest way to make a mask, what do you think? You can even cut out the sweetest/coolest design/logo on your shirt and then voila! Masking in style.

Bandana or handkerchief: I find this style is almost, if not easier than, the sock situation because there’s no cutting involved whatsoever.

Scarf: I personally don’t think we need a video demonstration in this scenario… but imagine it’s a winter blizzard outside, because you know April can still fool us. But put on that old scarf and place it over your mouth! Even the lightweight scarves are good too. I feel like every mother has one lying in her closet. Remember everything helps!

Neck gaiters: If you have it somewhere in your house this one is just a slip on, plus looks kind of cool at the same time, no?  


Whether this helped you or not I think that we all have to do our part in keeping not only yourself safe but others as well, and the best way is to stay home and practice physical distancing as much as possible. We all have a role in flattening the curve and I think these little baby steps are one way to do it. So, if you look and feel completely odd wearing these things, just remember, as my mama used to say, you’ll probably never even see these people again in your lifetime. So, get silly and get weird! What is “normal” nowadays anyways during this pandemic, eh?


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